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Our Program

Our Program

Adventure Hollow is a nature based enrichment program for homeschoolers in kindergarten through seventh grade. Our hope is to cultivate an organic love for learning through hands on experiences in nature, literature and art.


In our Geology class we will be learning a basic overview of the geological structure of our wonderful planet and how it fits together like a beautiful puzzle. Plate tectonics, volcanoes, and earthquakes are just some of the exciting things we will be exploring. We will also have hands on experiences  identifying minerals and rocks in our own environment. We will hunt for and identify Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic rocks as we discuss their formation process. As the school year progresses, we will focus more on our own unique geographic surroundings here in Middle Tennessee. We will talk about Tennessee’s unique rock formations, caves, sink holes, and even it’s earthquakes!
Since Tennessee is one of the best sources of Early Devonian fossils in North America, we will search for and identify fossils in our own back yard!
Guest speakers, nature journaling, and geological treasure hunting are just some of the ways we’ll explore and get to know the world around us.


Over the course of the school year, we will be reading 6 works of Classical Literature. We will do an analysis of each novel, detailing the conflict, setting, point of view and theme, among others. We will look at our own world around us and compare it to the worlds detailed in our books. We will pay close attention to the natural surroundings that are described and see what we can find here at Adventure Hollow that might compare. During the school year children will also be doing hands on collaborative projects involving the fascinating stories we read about.

Art Through History

In Art through History, we will be studying a unique artist or style of art each month, beginning with the earliest documented art forms, and continuing through modern times. We will explore the culture and historical events during which that style of art was created, and learn about what artists were inspired or affected by in that time. We will explore a variety of styles and mediums, and students will create their own works to better build their understanding of how art is created.

Would You Like To Join Us?

Families can choose to enroll children on either Tuesday or Wednesday, dependent on available space. Our program is located in West Nolensville TN, and runs from 9-3.  The majority of our day is spent in our outdoor classroom, regardless of weather. Contact us below to get started.

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Would You Like To Join Us?

Spring Equinox Camp

Join us for a 3 day adventure as we welcome Spring. We will explore the woods and creeks of the hollow, and learn about uses for some of our common Spring wild plants. We will experience this long awaited season with all of our senses. This outdoor, multi-age program will offer fun, inspiring opportunities for every child. Skills to be practiced include gardening, wildcrafting, and nature journaling. There will be time for nature play including forest crafts, fort building, animal tracking, and mud pie making. Joy, wonder, and play will lead the way!

Cost: $150 for 3 days

Dates: March 20-22

Reserve your spot now. Space is limited!

Spring Equinox Camp

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