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Our Program

Our Program

Adventure Hollow is a homeschool program rooted in nature for nurturing young minds kindergarten through eleventh grade. Our hope is to cultivate an organic love for learning through hands-on experiences in nature science, literature, history and cultural arts.

Language Arts

This year in language arts we will spend the first semester studying fairytales and our second semester studying picture books. Fairytales have been around for generations and are told all over the world! We will discuss retellings, modern versions, as well as some film versions too! Together we will discover the mystery of fairytales! During our second semester we will dive into picture books and study many beautiful illustrations and discuss how pictures and words work together to complete a story! By the end of the year, students should have some new and interesting stories to add to their library!

World History and Fine Art

Our art class will make connections to the world around us by exploring traditional folk art techniques, sounds, and tastes. We will review the cultural and physical geography from countries representing each continent. The students will also be exposed to significant artists and styles. Collectively we will learn how to work different mediums to create our own art to represent our cultural findings. Through this study we will learn about and appreciate the similarities and differences in people, traditions, and regions around the globe through exposure and hands on art crafts and activities. At the end of the school year our magic school bus will have traveled to Brazil, Japan, New Zealand, France, Greece, Russia, & Kenya.


During our first semester in science, we will be exploring mycology, commonly known as fungi. You may think fungi to be similar to plants, while in actuality, they have more in common with the animal kingdom. Fungi are an essential part of our existence. Without fungi, the earth would be buried in matter and debris. We will spend fall and the first part of winter, learning all about fungi while exploring a multitude of organically growing specimens on the property. We will use field guides and our notebook journals to identify and document our findings.




Second semester, during winter and spring, we will be studying ornithology. Ornithology is a branch of zoology dealing with the study of birds. Studying birds is a wonderful way to get children to notice animals in nature while outside. We will learn to have a better appreciation for bird habitats and how preserving trees and seeds is essential to their existence. Using our field guides and notebook journals, we will keep a record of our intriguing findings.

Secondary School (6th-11th)


students will dive into the treasures of civilization, as we take a look at passages from the Bible, ideas of philosophy, concepts from logic, and fine arts appreciation.

~Language Arts~

Students will have a comprehensive study of grammar; important skills such as characterization, plot, settings, and dialogue as our students engage in writing poetry and fiction; and literature study using a book list reflecting some of the best primary sources and novels of early/modern history.

~Mycology and Ornithology with Lab~

First semester in science, we will be exploring mycology, commonly known as fungi. 

During winter and spring, we will be studying ornithology. Ornithology is a branch of zoology dealing with the study of birds. 



-Middle School Level-

We will cover nearly three hundred years from about 1400 to the mid-1700s.

-High School Level-

We will focus on modern history, beginning with the early 1700s.

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